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My Projects

See a demo here! This is a web application that lets users register for check-in calls at a certain time each day and receive appointment follow-up calls. Calls an emergency contact if problem keywords are detected. Python backend, Postgres database, running on Heroku. Transcribes users’ conversations via Twilio.
See a demo here and view the code here. The process of applying for jobs can be time-consuming and stressful: You’re filling out applications, attending interviews, and keeping track of what step you are in the application process with each company you apply to. Eventually names, dates, emails, and interviews all blend together. Job Search Journal is an application that helps individuals track the applying-to-jobs process for various jobs, keeping all potentially-useful information within the application for later retrieval.
Explore this app here! This data set of 216,931 data points contains every question, answer, and category for all Jeopardy questions from the year 1984 to 2012. Each row in the data set is a question, an answer, a category, the air date of the show where the question occurred, the round (Jeopardy, Double Jeopardy, Final Jeopardy, or Tiebreaker), and the question's value. In the Comparing Word Frequencies page, you can see trends over time regarding the appearances of certain keywords. In the Data Breakdown page, you have the ability to discover trends in popular keywords/key topics found in questions.
Click to see the source code.
Click to see the source code.